Whilst there is no limit to the size of a job you can build, we do have a recommend limit. Why is this? Because Watu treats the job as one, meaning each time to click to action a task within the job, it requires the entire job to load. 

For example, if you're booking a staff member into a shift, when you click 'book to job' it will load all shifts. And if you have 7000 shifts within one job, that's a lot of loading.

The result is a slow system overall and a very slow working job meaning your team will be working inefficiently and with delays to their booking. If the job is particularly large (around 7,000 shifts or more), it won't even load for staff members before timing out, so applications will be nil.

We would recommend a maximum of 1000 - 1200 shifts per job. This will allow the software to operate smoothly and as quickly as normal, not to mention making the job a lot more manageable for your bookers.