An article detailing licenses and how to manage them within your account.

Where can I view licenses?
To view your current and suspended licenses, click on 'managers' in the menu. Here you can also see if a manager is a 'super manager' which allows this person to add/remove other licenses. To see your license charges for the month, please click on 'billing'. 

Who can manage licenses?

Super managers within Watu have control over other managers' licenses. How do you know if you're a super manager? Normally it's the email address with which the account was opened, or you can check by logging in and looking at your menu. Can you see 'billing' as an option? Then you're a super manager :) Alternatively, check in the 'managers' tab.

How do I add a license?

If you need to add a new license, click on 'managers' then 'invite new manager' and complete their email address, first, and last name. They will receive an email invite to set up their account immediately, and can get started straight away.

How do I close a license?

To close a license, click on 'managers' then on the name of the profile you'd like to suspend. You will see the option to 'suspend'. Remember that licenses run on a monthly basis for billing, so even if you close a license mid-month, the charge will apply for the full fee. As such, you can open and close the same license as many times as you like within the month without any extra charges. 

How do license fees work?

A license fee is always the same whether you have 1 license or multiple open in the account. Please check our pricing page for costs in your location. Only 1 license is required to keep the account open, and you have the freedom to add or reduce licenses whenever you like. For these extra licenses, the charge is per calendar month so if a license is opened at any point within the month, you will be charged the fee for the license in that month's bill.

When to open/close a license?

When to open or close a license is completely up to you, though we do encourage you to bear in mind that charges are per calendar month, so if it's approaching the end of the month, review your licenses to see if all should remain open for the following month.    

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