Here's a little more information on this issue.  Geocoding is placing an address on to the map.  When you enter an address for a job we geocode it and we show you a little map with it. We were using Microsoft Bing to geocode but that started failing a lot and so we switched to MapQuest. Unfortunately, these services sometimes get confused and you don't get the address in the appropriate location. Please, try to tinker with the address until it works.

There's an arrow next to the address field which, when clicked on, expands the address so that you can provide more detail, like label, street, zip code, etc. If something is not part of the address (like the name of the venue), try moving it to the label so it doesn't confuse the geocoder.

We are working on two fronts to resolve this issue:

- improving our geocoding system, specially trying to get in partnership with Google to do this.

- improving how we handle jobs when they haven't been properly geocoded.