When setting up a job, you need to specify the location(s) for the activities that will take place, so that staffers will know where to go.

When you have a full address and nothing else, that is simple. However, sometimes giving locations a name makes it easier to recognize for both you and your staffers. "Starbucks at 5th Ave and 45th" is much nicer than "545 5th Avenue". You also sometimes need to actually specify shop names, or extra instructions to let people know where to go. In those cases, adding the information right there can confuse our system, making it unable to find the location in the map.

We've now added a new option here. If you click the arrow right next to the location box, you'll get a bigger panel to enter all the information you need.

You can enter an easy to identify name (in most places, this is what will show to both managers and staffers), an accurate address, postcode, and extra notes / instructions if necessary. Once you do this, make sure the map to the right matches the place where you want staffers to go. This is extremely important now, because staffers are now able to see this map, and to search for jobs near their home, so if the location is misplaced, they may end up missing a job, or worse, going to the wrong city.

If you've been using Watu before August 2013, we recommend you to take a look at all your public jobs (go to Jobs, then click on the Public filter), and make sure all the maps are showing the correct locations, so that staffers can find these jobs and arrive at the right place.