You have two ways to view your staff booking schedule outside of the normal Watu UI.  Your normal job UI looks like this, showing you the number of roles you're looking to book and specifics for each role.

As you book the roles, the staffers avatar appears in place of the role to show you that the role is booked.

Once the team is fully booked, you can forward the booked team to the onsite supervisor/client by clicking File in your browser and Print.  This will give you the option to 'Save to PDF', providing you with a PDF with the complete booking, including a photograph of each of the staffers, their role, shift times and contact information.  You can then drag and drop this PDF on to a new message in Watu and send it out to the relevant party.

You can also download the raw schedule data as a CSV, enabling you to recreate the schedule in any format of your liking.

We’re planning on some great updates to staff schedules, our focus being on creating clarity on status of booking, booked staffers etc. as well as really robust sharing options that enable onsite managers to view rotas on their phones/tablets and enable team mates to view each other and collaborate on jobs, whether it be travelling together, sharing knowledge or Q&A.

If you have any further queries on staff rotas/schedules, drop us a line on