There are 3 types of Payroll Processing, each with their particular output:

  • Invoices from Self-employed staffers: You use this when receiving an invoice from your staffer. You enter it, specifying exactly what shifts / adjustments / expenses that invoice covers, those get marked as paid, and you get a copy of the invoice in the system. You can download CSV files after running an Invoice Batch.
  • Wages, Subsistence, Bonuses, Fines and Adjustments paid to employees: When you run Payroll for your employees, you get CSV files detailing the items that were paid in the selected period of time / jobs. You get separate columns for Wages, Subsistence, Bonuses, Fines and Adjustments. The report will include an "Expenses" column which will always be empty.
  • Expenses: When running Expenses Payroll, you simply reimburse your employed staffers for their approved expenses. (Self-employed staffers need to add their expenses to their invoices). This report includes *only* Expenses. To make automation easier for you, should it be necessary, both the Employees and the Expenses report have the same exact format. Thus, you will see columns like Wage, Subsistence, etc in this report, but those will always be empty.

Both Wages and Expenses payroll outputs consist of two files with the same format:

  • Employees: This is the file you will use to generate payslips, and pay your employees. It contains one line per employee, with the total amount due to them, their bank and tax details.
  • Detailed: The detailed file is useful to do analysis of your business. It contains one line per "thing" paid (Shift, Adjustment or Expense), rather than grouping them by employee, but it also contains more detailed information about each shift or expense paid (like the job it belongs to, the date, expense type, etc). With this, you can use Excel's tools (filtering, pivot tables, etc), to get as much information as you may need.

Sample Files

These are some sample files you can use to see the format of files you would get, and to play around: