After you run Payroll, either for employees, or by adding an invoice for a self-employed staffer, Watu  marks all the shifts involved as paid. This is done to make sure you never pay for the same thing twice.

However, as a side-effect, once a shift has been paid, you won't be able to modify anything about it. This includes wages, bonuses, etc. The rationale for this is that since it's been paid already, changing the shift would be essentially rewriting history, and the information in Watu would not reflect what actually happened (the money that actually went out).

In this case, the best solution is to use "Payroll Adjustments". Payroll adjustments are for use when you need to add/subtract money to be given to a staffer in their next payment, for whatever reason. This may be, for example, cancellation fees, error corrections, payments not related to a specific job, etc.

The way to do this is:

  • Go to the staffer's profile
  • Open the menu to the right of the toolbar at the top, and click on Payroll
  • Click on "Payments"
  • Click on "New Payroll Adjusment"

Enter the amount of the adjustment, some notes explaining what this adjustment is for (e.g. "Bonus for job X"), and if the adjustment is related to a specific shift, please also do select the job and date, which will make it much more specific. (You can also leave these blank, if the adjustment is not related to anything in jobs). A payroll adjustment is like any other payment, you enter the amount of money you want to give the staffer. If you want to subtract from the payment you are going to do to that staffer, then you need to enter a negative amount.

Once you do this, the staffer will see this in his "payments" section as something pending payment, and he'll know to include it in the next invoice he sends you if he is self-employed, or it will be paid directly to him in the next Employees payment otherwise.