Watu allows you to pay staffers as employees or as self-employed. In both cases it’s very easy and straightforward, but our priority is always data consistency, our motto: never miss a payment, never pay twice.

To pay self-employed staffers go to Payroll and then click on “Self-employed“:

Once you found the staffer for which you received an invoice, click on “New Invoice Received“:

If the staffer is not on that list, it may be because their payroll data hasn't been completed yet, in which case you'll find them in "Incomplete payroll". It's also possible that there is nothing pending payment for them.

The next step is to enter the invoice data. You need to enter the number, date and amount of the invoice you received from the staffer:

When you click “Select items“, Watu will try to intelligently select the jobs you are paying for:

You can change which jobs you are paying for, but if the amount you are paying for and the invoice total do not match, Watu will let you know (remember, we help you to never underpay or overpay):

Once your selection is appropriate and you click “Save invoice“, Watu will show you the invoice you just entered into the system:

To help your staffers understand what’s going on, once you paid them, you can mark the invoice as paid by clicking the link in the action bar that says “Mark as paid“:

This is how the staffer would see it, both pending and processed payments:

If the bill you receive from your staffer is for more or less money that the jobs you can select and you want to pay it as is, you'll need to create a payroll adjustment  and select it as part of the new invoice created: