When you have to pay many invoices in one go, or get an Excel report for the self-employed part of your Payroll, Invoice Batches are the answer.

Essentially, an invoice batch lets you group several invoices together and manage them all at once. Following our never pay twice motto, it only works with invoices that haven't been paid already, and that are not already on another invoice batch.

We start with a number of un-paid invoices:

To pay for all of these at once, go to the Payments section at the top, and click New Invoice Batch.

You will get to the page that lets you create new batches. By default, this page will list all the un-paid invoices that haven't been added to a batch yet:

At the top of this page, you can filter which invoices you are going to pay for by date, either the date that shows on the invoice, or the date in which you entered the invoice in watu. After filtering, you can also choose to not include individual invoices by de-selecting them one by one:

Once you're done selecting, simply click on Create Batch at the bottom, and you will get to a page showing the details of the batch:

From here you can:

  • Download the Staffers Data report, which includes one line per staffer in the batch of invoices. If the same staffer sent several invoices, you will get one line only for them, with the total of all those invoices.
  • Download the Invoices Data report, which includes one line per invoice in the batch. You will use either this report or the Staffers one to send to your bank or payment bureau to pay the invoices. Which one depends on whether you prefer to send one bank transfer per staffer, or per invoice.
  • Download the Detailed Paid Items report. This includes all the shifts, adjustments and expenses included in the invoices for this batch. You can use this for costing or reporting purposes, complementing the equivalent report you get for Employees.
  • View a list of all the invoices included in the batch.
  • Mark the batch as paid, which in turn marks each individual invoice as paid.