The playground is where you go out to play with Watu, learning how things work, trying out new features, experiencing the staffer side, etc.

Many actions in Watu, like running payroll, are permanent. We take data integrity very seriously. But in the playground you can do whatever you want, because it’s all fake data and you can click a button and reset it back to the original state to start playing again.

If you are getting started with Watu, you’ll be in the playground. If you are already using Watu, then you’ll need to jump into the playground to use it.

To jump into your playground, just open the cog menu and click on “Jump to playground”: 

Your playground might be out of date if you changed your configuration in your main account. Also, over time, the data in the playground might be used, delete, changed, etc. That's not a problem, you can have a fresh playground at any time just by resetting it: